What's scheduled awakening?

With the scheduled awakenings method, parents observe and record their child's natural waking times during the night for a week. A pattern of regular waking times should emerge. Then, following this schedule, parents wake the child 15 minutes before each of those natural awakening times and soothe the child back to sleep each time.
Night terrors happen during an unhealthy deep sleep cycle. The scheduled awakenings method prevents your child from entering that unhealthy sleep stage. You can read more about the scheduled awakenings principle and the scientific studies here>>  http://www.lullysleep.com/pages/night-terrors-scientific-study-results
The downside of scheduled awakening is that parents can fully awaken their child in the middle of the night. With the Sleep Guardian, children do not wake. Placed under your child's mattress, adjustable, gentle vibrations prevent your child from entering the unhealthy sleep stage without fully awakening. The app also helps you find the best time for the scheduled awakening and alerts you when it's time. You can find more information about how Lully works here>>http://www.lullysleep.com/pages/how-does-it-work
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